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Jerica D. Wortham is a Tulsa, OK native. She is a best selling author and award winning spoken word artist. She has been writing, and performing her poetry since a very young age and in May 2012 Jerica founded
J’Parlé LLC, and started J’Parlé Literary Magazine. This endeavor gathered artists from all around the world, and provided a platform to those that were in some instances more comfortable with the pen than the mic…. The mission: to give every voice a chance to be heard. In 2013 she was presented with the opportunity to host her very first live show; and J PARLE’ Live was born! An author, business coach, publisher, humanitarian and philanthropist, in October 2014 she founded the J’Parlé Scholarship fund where she was able to award local students and adults with funding to continue or pursue their education. When she is not working, or teaching inmates with the Department of Corrections, she enjoys spending time with her husband Webster, and their two sons Solomon and Jonah.

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